What Is Tire Rotation?

Getting tire rotated

If you’re a new driver in Greensboro you’ve probably heard about the importance of regular tire rotations, but maybe you’re left wondering, what is tire rotation? This essential service is carried out at regular 5,000 to 7,500-mile intervals to prevent your car’s tires from wearing out at different rates, extending the life of your tires over time. Tire rotation also helps to ensure your vehicle’s safety, as it maintains your tire traction and prevents blowouts. What’s more, it can even improve your fuel economy! Still have questions about what does tire rotation do? Join the service team from Terry Labonte Chevrolet below to learn more.


Understanding how tire rotation works is easier than you might initially think: all four tires are moved from their current position on your vehicle to a new position. Most often, the front tires move to the rear, while the rear tires move to the front. They might change sides, too, depending on your drivetrain – this is known as a tire rotation pattern. Check out some more essential tire rotation knowledge, below:

  • The average vehicle is known to carry most of its weight at the front end, so the front tires will tend to wear out faster. However, your vehicle’s drivetrain may also affect the rate of wear each tire experiences.
  • Here’s an example: On front-wheel-drive cars, the power for forward motion is directed to the front axle and wheels. This being the case, the front tires will wear down faster than they would in a rear-wheel, all-wheel, or four-wheel-drive vehicle.


Why is tire rotation so essential for Winston-Salem drivers? There are several ways in which tire rotations keep your vehicle in check, including:

  • Maintains Optimal Road Grip: As your tires wear out, they’re also losing tire tread depth. This causes a reduction in road traction, which can become dangerous in certain road conditions like rain or snow. Tire rotation helps prevent uneven tire wear, so all four tires always have the same level of tread.
  • Keeps Blowouts at Bay: In addition to losing tread depth, your tires are also more likely to fail completely as they wear out. The last thing you want is to have a tire blowout in High Point – it’s a frightening and often dangerous situation to be in.
  • Smoother Performance: Have you ever felt your vehicle shaking when you’re driving? Sometimes it’s caused by an uneven road surface, but it can also happen when your tires have uneven wear. Regular tire rotation will help to prevent this, ensuring a smooth ride everywhere you venture.
  • Better Fuel-Efficiency: Every Greensboro driver would like to be more fuel-efficient, and tire rotation is a great way to help achieve that! When your tires are worn out, they can create drag and strain the engine, which causes your car to guzzle more fuel than normal.


Have lingering questions about what does rotating tires mean? Terry Labonte Chevrolet’s on-site tire center is here to help! Reach out today to speak with a tire expert from our team, who will gladly provide in-depth answers to everything you want to know. If your car is overdue for tire rotation, schedule an appointment online after consulting our service specials.